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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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barbara: thank you for joining us. stories coming up the first in. don: good morning. very warm day shaping up across the region. look at the big jump in temperatures as we go through the day. we are in the 40's right now but at 8:00, we go to the 50. 70's. long. across the region, in the 50's. 53, chapel hill. 50, fayetteville. 50, roanoke rapids. partly cloudy skies right now but a 20 degree jump by lunchtime. mid-70's this afternoon. your complete seven-day forecast is coming up. barbara: happening today, a joint committee of the state
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zika is on the agenda. one case of the virus is confirmed in wake county. we are live at the legislative building. anthony, good morning. anthony: that confirmed case is a wake county woman who contracted the virus. she recently traveled to central and south america and she is doing well however experts expect more cases. local health departments are working closely with state and federal levels. trying to keep up with the information. the state health director is not taking any chances. experts advise people with plans to visit latin america to follow the cdc travel other especially if they are a pregnant woman or thinking about having a baby. here are the symptoms to watch for. rash. red eyes. fever. joint pain.
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legislatures had to say after the meeting. that update will be available online and on our mobile app. john: now to vote 2016. all eyes are on michigan and several other states. one week from today, north carolina will hold its primary and presidential candidates hoping to win our state are headed this way. ted cruz of texas will be here today. the rally is expected for noon at calvary baptist church and school on 10th in raleigh. doors open at 11:00. seating is limited but tickets are free. donald trump stumped in concorde, north carolina yesterday. he will have a campaign stop in fayetteville tomorrow. former president bill clinton spent yesterday morning in raleigh. clinton supporters filled a room
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he said america has always been great but the country must be made whole again. he said hillary clinton is the only candidate that can get that done. hillary clinton will appear in our state on thursday the details have not been released. barbara: officials continue to look for the two men responsible for a home invasion. a teenager was tied up and locked in a closet. we have more on this story including why the police say the community was not in danger. amber: raleigh police are investigating that they say no one in the neighborhood is in danger but -- because there have not been any other cases in the area. the mother found her daughter in the coat closet. the girls stepfather says the stepfather was upstairs when two men went inside.
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the television but instead tied her up, sexually assaulted her, and put her in the closet. she was able to face time a friend and send text to her mother. >> she says she is fine but she doesn't look fine to me. amber: officers have vague descriptions of the suspects to work from. both are described as white men in their 20's. one is short and one is tall. there have been three a time break ends this year. john: some nc state students are making sure their doors are locked after a series of recent break-ins. several students living in three houses across from the main
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morning when a man walked into their home. he tried to steal thousands of dollars of their things and a vehicle. dudes who live in two of the houses say their doors were unlocked. raleigh police have charged mark williams with burglarizing the homes. a police officer shot and killed a man in raleigh in the community is looking for answers. barbara: there was a meeting last night that was billed as real talk. the shooting was the topic. >> there is a lot of pain and confusion. where is the help? we are saying that we are here to help but we have to stand together. barbara: there was talk about how to change the way young people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. there will also be the creation of a raleigh supervisory board
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an idea the police chief said she may support. crime numbers are out in durham. john: we will tell you if crime was up or down in durham. just when you think you have seen it all, there is this. a car driving down the street with a tree stuck in the grill. barbara: this young survivor of the boston marathon bombing dies tragically. we will tell you what happens. first, let us take a live look at the raleigh skyline. springlike weather is blooming. don: it will feel like springtime over the next several days. we will talk about that in our
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john: welcome back. don: let us talk bus stop forecast. kids may still need some jackets is morning. if they do take their jackets this morning, they will not needed this afternoon. very warm temperatures settling in. 49, henderson. 48, rocky mount. 52, pinehurst. 50, fayetteville. looking at your day ahead, partly cloudy right now and 50 degrees.
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we have your complete seven-day forecast coming up next. barbara: the final crime numbers for 2015 are in and they say crime was up 18% last year in durham. the interim police chief submitted the report last night. the increase was driven by double-digit rise in reported aggravated assaults, robberies and homicides. in 2014, durham had 22 homicides. it jumped to 37 in 2050. there are some positives. property crimes are dumb. john: a bizarre suspected drunk driving video is out this money. an illinois leased department releasing these pictures of a car with a 15 foot tree lodged in the grill. police pulled over the driver who was also on the wrong side of the road in january. he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. on friday, police said the
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were being questioned. their authenticity. the driver did drive for a while before being pulled over. -- caught on camera. thieves ran this pickup truck into the doors of the convenience store early. police working to enhance the video to get a better look at the suspects. no word on how much money was inside that atm. a breathtaking light show video in europe. the northern lights visible across parts of the u.k. and ireland overnight sunday. the phenomenon was seen in scotland and northern ireland as well as in england.
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say they found the wreck of a confederate ship your the mouth of a river. sonar imaging revealed the wreck downstream from wilmington. researchers say it would be the first civil war area vessel found in the area in decades. they say the ship is well preserved. 5:12 a.m. an arrest is made in the nine-year-old oil. john: the man now charged with pulling the trigger in a case that shocked the country. barbara: more from this teenage girl.
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fromjohn: welcome back.
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breaking news in central california where a commuter train has the real. nine people are injured. the trains first car plunged into a creek and people inside had to be rescued. it is believed the train struck a tree that had fallen on the track. today is primary day for democrats and michigan and mississippi and republicans have contests in michigan, mississippi, idaho, and a white. ted cruz will visit the church in raleigh around midday. donald trump will be in fayetteville tomorrow and hillary clinton comes to our state on thursday. a legislative committee will meet today to discuss the zika virus. five cases have been confirmed here with one confirmed case in wake county. barbara: murder charges seven filed against a chicago man in the murder of a nine-year-old boy. he is charged with the november
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he pulled the trigger. he was on a playground and he was shot. he was targeted because his father was tied to a series of gang shootings. another man is also charged. a 13-year-old florida girl is talking about a terrifying attempted kidnapping. john: a man tried to grab her when she was walking home from her middle school in pompano beach last week. she ran for her life. a man in a van stopped and asked her if she was walking home. she ignored him. he turned around and grabbed her from behind. >> he drove up. john: the large book bag full of books prevented him from getting a good grip. the terrified girl ran and
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a composite sketch of the suspect and tips are pouring in. barbara: a survivor of the mop -- boston marathon bombing was killed in a car crash. he was near the finish line when two bombs went off. shrapnel went into her leg but a first responder gave her a t-shirt to help her. no details on the car crash. john: today marks two years since one of aviation's greatest mysteries. crews are still searching for the wreckage of malaysian airlines 370 in the indian ocean. it veered off course before vanishing with 239 people on board. the only confirmed debris washed up on reunion island last year. officials are working to determine if debris found on
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a floodgate of fulsome -- folsom dam has been opened. barbara: major rainfall has helped ease the conditions. it was necessary to release water to make room for incoming runoff water. an el nio driven storm has left several buildings hanging off the cliff. this dramatic video shows the anti-lot where a building was demolished last month. next to it, a 20 unit building. they will begin to tear that down today. it has been vacant since 2010. it was declared unsafe for residents. john: the power of social media has forced whole foods to pull
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after a social media backlash, the company apologized and promised not to sell these oranges. barbara: people said they were unappealing. don: unappealing. barbara: they were probably not attractive. john: it is a waste of packaging. they already, wrapped up. barbara: there's something about the smell when you peel and orange. i think. don: is that true? i don't know what fruit is. let me show you what is going on. it will stay dry. we showed you the california rain. we stay dry this work week. 30% of showers on saturday and sunday, a 40% chance we will see
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a look at downtown raleigh. southwest wind at seven. 59 percent humidity with a west wind at 10. no problems flying today. roxboro is warmer up there. more cloud cover kept your temperature of. 50 in fayetteville. 50 in southern pines. looking at the latest satellite radar composite. the clouds will be around this will be out of here. dry. iowa and missouri -- it looks like a wall. that high pressure is acting away. by lunchtime, we are up around 70.
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by 5:00 come up for your drive home, nothing but sunshine. tomorrow, more sunshine and 70's. patchy fog possible for thursday morning. for raleigh for the rest of the day, 70's. looking across the region today, you will top out at 75 in cary. 74, chapel hill. 75, stanford. 76, pinehurst. 75 in lewisburg. tonight, temperatures will be back into the 40's for the overnight lows. 50, fayetteville. 51, durham. tomorrow, temperatures will be back into the 70's and staying there. 76 degrees tomorrow under mostly sunny skies. partly sunny for thursday. 78.
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we spring forward on sunday. john: 5:22 a.m. it is national pancake day.
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john: the acc tournament kicked off today in washington, d.c. and n.c. state will face wake forest. the teams met twice during the regular season splitting the winds. the winner will have a date with the duke blue devils on wednesday. our mark armstrong is in d.c. for the tournament. barbara: maria sharapova has failed a drug test. she has been taken -- taking a substance in january. responsibility and has been legally taking the drug for the last decade for health reasons. nike has suspended its ties with her. john: congratulates -- congratulations to unc. bonuses on wall street are getting thin.
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barbara: we have today's financial and consumer news. >> topping america's money. wall street is taking a temple. >> stock market turnover and cutbacks. >> they are not hurting. the average bonus is just over $146,000. >> the fda is issuing a recall of its popular sausage and egg breakfast sandwich. >> the recall is affected by over 200 starbucks stores. no illnesses have been reported. >> today is the day for free pancakes. the 11th annual pancake day. >> to celebrate, i hop is giving away a short stack of pancakes. >> pancakes and a good cause. >> we should do that every day. john: now, i want pancakes.
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announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. barbara: vote 2016 heating up. the list of candidates focusing on our state is growing. yesterday, donald trump and bill clinton made an appearance. today, a third candidate will try to woo voters. johnson a train derailment in california. the video coming into our newsroom. barbara: i am barbara gibbs. john: i am john clark.
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dry conditions and a warmer start to the day. it will be a warmer day ahead. by 9:00 this morning, temperatures mid 50's. by 11:00, mid 60's. current numbers across the region, 61, sanford. fortier, wilson. a look at the next 12 hours, a 20 degree jump by lunchtime. 70's are with us for a while. let's talk weather and traffic. clear conditions.


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